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Difficulties of Ageing

by kelebek - February 6th, 2009.
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The concept of aging is connected with any changes that happen to human beings over time, including physiological, psychological and other ones. Those are the changes of body size, mental abilities and social skills, behavior and self-perception, as well as changes in sensations, responses and reactions, and many others. Aging is a normal part of biological cycle of any living creature, and every one of us without exceptions has to go through it.

Aging as a social problem usually means the difficulties which people have to face when they are getting older. It is known that when children and teenagers turn into adults, the effects of aging are mostly positive: individuals become physically and mentally stronger, wiser and more experienced, more socially advanced and independent, etc. However, in the late adulthood the effects of aging are mostly negative, including increasing physical weakness, mental and psychological problems, frequent problems with health, and so on. Here is an illustrative example of what aging is all about.

Almost every child can observe how his grandparents are getting older. From our early childhood, we usually remember our grandparents as quite active and optimistic people, who were doing  housework, working in the garden, going to fishing, playing outdoor games with us and enjoying this life. Later on, they became less active and happy. All aging people develop some serious health problems and have many chronic diseases. They can not keep things in mind and very often they go into memories about good old times when they were young. They mostly stay in bed and prefer not to go out of the house, especially in cold weather. They always feel cold. They sleep every afternoon on the sofa in front of the TV. Those are the most common effects of the old age.

Old Man

Certainly, aging is a very hard period in the life of any person. When someone is growing older and loses usual abilities, develops a lot of diseases and has a lot of special needs, he or she starts feeling dependent and useless in this world. Besides, thinking about the coming death and leaving this world seems really very scary for many people. That is why aging people need a lot of attention and understanding from every one of us.

In order to provide aging Americans with proper health care and support, our government organizes a number of social programs and offers grants. This helps to make life of aging people better and gives them opportunity to enjoy new experiences. Josefina G. Carbonell from the U.S. Administration on Aging describes the main mission of her organization as “..encouraging Americans of all ages to live healthier lives”. Such programs are very effective and, according to the survey The State of Aging and Health in America, American people now live longer than just several years ago. It is very important to do everything possible to help old people feel loved and needed, feel our respect for their life experience and wisdom, feel our gratitude for everything they have done for making out world better. In such case the aging could be compared to the sunset, which is usually as beautiful as the sunrise.

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